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Gold mermaid
Be enchanted
Swim through the waters of myth and legend with our enchanting real-life mermaids.

Real-life Mermaid entertainment
These days, mermaids aren't content to stay under the sea and out of sight.
the beautiful sirens have left the ocean behind and moved inland, where they are
already creating ripples.

Swim with Mermaids
Our mermaids love performing, both on land and underwater.
Whatever your event thay can offer entertainment to suit you, whether that's an
incredible photo opportunity for your guests
a captivating trio of singing sirens with a ukulele
or the chance to see and even swim alongside real-life mermaids,

blue mermaid
Trio of captivating mermaids As burlesque performers these mermaids can add a touch of sparkle to
your burlesque or cabaret event in these ways:

Incredible Photo opportunities for your guests with vintage pin-up style mermaids
Singing mermaids - three sirens, a ukulele and a cheeky selection of
sea shanties will amuse and enthrall
your guests into the early hours
Mermaid performers handing out programmes, flyers, name it!
Swimming mermaids - If you have access to a pool. these
mischevious sirens will delight and amaze your
guests with their underwater antics.
A mermaid show..Roll Up Roll Up as their Ringmaster exhibits
a real-life mermaid.
They can also provide dressing and set decorations by prior arrangement
to transform their performance space into an enchanting underwater cove of
shells and sparkle - or can adapt the decor to suit your event.

Mermaid group
ukelele playing mermaid Mermaid fun for Children
Kids love mermaids, and these mermaids love kids. 
These versatile, friendly entertainers will keep your children enthralled
for hours with activities from swimming to sing alongs, and from face painting to balloon modelling.
Your kids won't believe their eyes when they meet our magcial real life mermaids.
An enchanting encounter with these performers is always a cause for excitement -
but the fun doesn't stop there.
A meeting with mermaids can involve much, much more:

    * Face painting
    * Sing-along songs with our ukulele-playing mermaids
    * Fun sea-themed games
    * Balloon-modelling
    * Storytelling
    * Mermaid swimming parties
    * Certificates for children to keep as a memento of the day
    * Extra-special mermaid themed goody bags to take away
    * A personalised necklace or bracelet for the birthday child -
handmade by our mermaids!

They tailor each event to suit the children who will be attending,
so contact us now to talk about which
of these options is perfect for your child's party or event -
and let us know if you have any ideas of your own!
Mermaid entertainer and performers

Photographs by: Andrew Stawartz and Jelena Alecsic


To book the fantastic Mermaids,
or for further information, contact:

Chris Ehrenzeller
Aurora's Carnival
166 Dale Road
Matlock bath

Mobile: 07710 788671

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