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Rosalyn LeSurf



Unfortunately this performer is no longer available.  We have many other similar performers around the country.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Guaranteed to add fun and excitement to any night! Whether you want a larger than life stilt walker, a jaw dropping fire show or angle grinder,
these spectacles are certain to get people talking and create memorable experiences for any customer.
Rosalyn began her stilt walking career for an outdoor theatre company in the West Midlands -
so she is very used to entertaining the crowds! Since then she has worked all over the
country for various highly reputable establishments, festivals, private and public events.

Rosalyn Le Surf stiltwalkerRosalyn LeSurf Tree stiltwalkerRosalyn LeSurf stiltwalkersRosalyn LeSurf stiltwalking nurses
A stiltwalker with a variety of different costumes.Can work solo, or with other stiltwalkers for a greater impact.

Rosalyn LeSurf fire breathingRosalyn LeSurf fire eating
Rosalyn LeSurf fire eatingRosalyn can provide fire and angle grinding for any event.

Fire eating
Fire poi
Fire breathing.

Also available with other performers if required.



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