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Acrobat, Contortionist, Handstand Balancer, Aerial Artist
Sally is skilled and experienced in performing in the following areas.

  • Contortion

  • Handstand Balance

  • Duo Contortion and Handstand Balance

  • Acrobatics and Tumbling

  • Aerial Hoop

  • Static Trapeze

Sally Miller AcrobatSally Miller handstander


Solo Contortion and Handstand Balance

Sally combines sensational talent and extraordinary ability to produce an act that shows off her remarkable flexibility and breathtaking balance, as well as beautiful fluidity and elegance. She contorts her body into astounding shapes and positions, and can balance with terrific control and poise.

This act is currently performed on a specially designed handstand platform with three handstand canes. 

Act length = 5 minutes 

Sally Miller

Sally Miller splits


Sally also offers a 4 minute show of acrobatic skills incorporating amazing flexibility and handstands.  
She can also provide walkabout entertainment, circulating among the guests whilst performing,  or "hangabout" a performance which comprises performing a slow series of movements on aerial equipment. 



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