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Francis Maxey is currently only offering work as a Stotyteller.
Francis Maxey is a traditional storyteller with tales that delve to the roots of our imagination. When you listen you will see your world in a different light, and from a different place.

Francis's storytelling shows are vibrant and exciting experience for children.  He has a relaxed manner that puts the children at ease from the start.  The stories are chosen for their suitability for each age group.  By asking the children riddles and encouraging them to tell their own jokes between the stories the pupils are made to feel that they have taken an active part in the show.

His shows are a lively mixture of folk tales, myths, riddles, music and song.  The stories are drawn from an extensive repertoire of traditional European tales.  A shows may contain familiar tales like ‘Red Riding Hood' and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk' to more challenging stories like ‘The Birth of Taliesin' and ‘Baba Yaga'.

The audience is encouraged to be active in the show by telling their own jokes and riddles between stories. 

The aim is to entertain, educate and stimulate the student's creative imaginations.  His shows demonstrate the structure of story which will carry over into the childrens own wrightings.  The shows support the National Curriculum on speaking and listening skills. 

A show is up to 1 hour long and 4 shows can be fitted into a school day.  He is able to keep an intimate feeling with 1 or 2 classes per session.

Francis Maxey

'Francis, the one man circus' 

He juggles umbrellas, plays weird instruments and tumbles through some of the funniest routines your likely to see. Incorporating elements of circus and music hall Francis will entertain audiences of all ages.

These spectacular and colourful shows can last from 20 minutes to1 hour. They can be successfully staged indoors or out with no special requirements.

Not Currently available

Francis Maxey - clown

Francis Maxey playing music whilst sitting on a chair on a slack rope!

'The Tightrope of Fear'

The most highly skilled and funniest slackrope acts in Britain today; the 'Tightrope of Fear' is a ropewalk that takes the art of balance to it's extreme.

Sitting on a chair on a loose rope and playing music! That's impossible.

(Temporarily unavailable sorry)

Francis Maxey - slack rope walker

Francis Maxey stiltwalker

'Mix & Mingle'

Creating an atmosphere with moments of fun and colour, Francis will walkabout your event meeting & greeting you guests as a large than life charactor
On stilts as the giant ringmaster
Stilted Morris dancer playing his own music
The puppet master with his basket puppet theatre
Or musical dancing puppet with 'Pipe and Tabor'.
The wondering clown with close up juggling and foolery.

Some of these acts are available in different costumes and are suitable for medieval or Victorian themes.
Combining these walkabouts with shows you can build the perfect entertainment package for your event.

Not Currently available.

Shows are suitable for;
Small arenas, 
street festivals,
fun days,
 all sorts of parties


For a complimentary copy of my PDF file "A guideline to the various types of entertainment available to book for your event" Click this link.

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