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Circus Workshops

Our circus workshop is not a glorified juggling class. You get to ride unicycles, walk a tightrope and try some simple acrobalance. 
We can even include Globe Walking, as well as all of the traditional juggling and clowning fun.
We can do formal workshops & classes with clearly set objectives or we can supervise while the guests simply 
"have a go" at their own pace and leisure. .

A circus workshop around the colourful tent


A novice treads carefully for the first time. Jeremy is supervising 
as she feels her way. Should she slip the wire could graze her 
shins, so she is wearing protection. Notice the team work as another 
child helps her maintain her balance. After the initial crossing, 
most children attempt the wire unaided. After an hour or so, many 
people can walk across quite confidently

Learning to walk the tightrope


Learn to ride a unicycle in the circus workshop

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