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Minstrels Gallery are a group of musicians and players specialising in music and entertainment from the Medieval and Elizabethan periods. 

They play on a wide range of fascinating instruments including Lute, Crumhorn, Flute, Racket, Shawm, Psaltery, and of course the Nakers - it is a double drum, honest !
They not only play music, they can also entertain with a combination of comic verse, juggling competitions, tests of strength and all manner of courtly fun. 
They perform anything from gentle background music to lively dance tunes, lyrical ballads to mellifluous madrigals, creating a tapestry of sound that adds just the right atmosphere to any occasion.

A wedding reception with a Medieval or Elizabethan theme is the perfect way to celebrate the event with just the right balance of grace and informality. They can also provide music and song for the marriage service.
Minstrels Gallery can provide an interesting alternative when you are looking for background music. We are all used to seeing the piano player, string quartet or jazz trio in the corner but what about an act with a real difference. Playing upon Lute, Flute, Crumhorn, Recorder, Psaltery, Tabor and many more unusual instruments along with their singing of Madrigals, Ballads & Ayres will create a beautiful musical tapestry for any event.
They can also provide "aperitif" music to hotel guests before dinner and once again the novelty of their music proves very popular. 
Minstrels Gallery are available to provide incidental music for period plays, TV and film. They will appear in authentic period costume and perform music from circa1200 to 1650 as required.


A duo from Minstrels Gallery - more musicians also available. A Minstrels Gallery Medieval Quartet.

Minstrels Gallery provide Medieval music for weddings.


Minstrels Gallery, a feast of fine music.

Medieval and Elizabethan Music for any occasion.

Corporate Events
Medieval Banquets
TV, Radio & Theatre
School Workshops
Themed Parties


Minstrels Gallery music for weddings


Minstrels Gallery medieval duo

Minstrels Gallery the instruments

Minstrels Gallery medieval trio


Minstrels Gallery Tudor trio

Minstrels Gallery Tudor duo


Minstrels Gallery also play contemporary gigs.

Minstrels Gallery contemporary

Minstrels Gallery contemporary gigs


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