Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events around the country. Southside - The Texas Tribute Band


Southside, The Texas Tribute Band, are available for parties, corporate functions, dinner-dances, weddings and other special events. Covering the hits of Texas from 1989 to 2001, this professional five-piece guarantee an entertaining evening. 


Southside drummer - Andy

Southside bass player - Bill

Southside keyboards - Neil Southside guitar - Stewart Southside guitar & vocals - Shelley


'..never seen a Texas Tribute Band but I heard you are great
so good luck ...... Cheers, Ally ' 
Ally McErlaine - guitarist with Texas

Southside, the Texas tribute band from Glasgow. A selection of band photos from "The Diamond" in Sutton in Ashfield.


Below are a few quotes from people who have seen Southside perform.

 ", let me 
tell you (if you haven't heard them) - they're 
amazing! Shelley, the singer, is fantastic. She sounds 
nothing (which is good) like Sharleen, but has a 
very distinct voice. And the songs have a very unique
feel to them, they're not copied or anything. 
Just played in their own way. I'm really, REALLY 
- Matz

"We would like to thank you for the brilliant gig you played 
at Texas Fever in Paris. We had a wonderful time.
Let us introduce ourselves. We are Bea and Kathy and we live 
in Gent Belgium. We have been crazy Texas fans for the last 
10 years. We have travelled all over Europe to see our favourite 
band. It has been a very busy year for us following the Greatest 
Hits tour. We can't get enough.
Now back to Texas Fever. When we saw that there would be a 
tribute band playing we were intrigued. We were really curious 
to see you guys play. We didn't know what to expect, after all 
we have seen Texas so many times. Well let us say: you did 
a brilliant job!!! It must have been scary standing in front of all 
those die-hard fans that know every song by heart and follow 
Texas' every move. It takes guts! We enjoyed your set very 
much! Shelly has a great voice and you guys are very good 
musicians! We liked the fact that you have your own 
interpretation of the songs! To sum it up: FANTASTIC. I hope 
you enjoyed it as much as we did. 
 Thanks again and keep going 
cause you are GREAT!
- Bea and Kathy


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