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Stunt Action Specialists - SAS - Medieval Knights

Medieval Knights

SAS are proud to say when it comes to the skills at arms of the medieval knight, no one can match the speed and dexterity with which our performers will amaze everyone as they join swords for chivalry’s sake. Perfect for your banquet or similar function, why not let us transport your guests back through the centuries with a clash of steel that cannot be beaten?

Whether a duel for a ladies honour or a competition for the prize of Kings Champion our swordsmen will give you the spectacle you need to make your event extra special. With over 15 years experience at providing fighting knights at countless venues across the world Stunt Action Specialists are truly the leaders in the field and have a reputation for providing the best sword fights 

Roman Gladiators

We who are about to die salute you! SAS take you back two thousand years to the days of the blood and sand of the Roman amphitheatres where gladiators fought and died for the entertainment of Emperors and mob alike. Your guests can watch as our Retiari, Thracians, Secutors and Amazons clash weapons in the arena in a fight for their lives all to the cheer of the crowd.

From the professional fighters in the finest armour to the condemned criminals and barbarians from around the Empire, SAS are the best choice when it comes to bringing all the speed, spectacle and brutal skill of these deadly warriors to life right before your eyes. With SAS providing the action, you can be assured of great entertainment for all.



Stunt Action Specialists - SAS - Roman Gladiators



Stunt Action Specialists - SAS - Wild West Gunslingers

Wild West Gunslingers

Saddle up and take a ride to Dodge City or the OK Corral with the SAS posse as our ranch hands, cowpokes and desperadoes put some action into your western event. We have years of experience in rounding up the meanest and dirtiest gunslingers around so why not bring us and our six-shooters along to your hoe-down and show you how the west was won.

Whether it’s a family feud, bar room brawl or river boat saloon, SAS will provide everything you need to keep your guests entertained as the Marshal and his deputies shoot it out with our bank robbers or cattle rustlers in a fast paced and thrill packed show.




Holding a period ball or society soiree and need a bit of swashbuckling to keep your guests on the edge of their seats? SAS have the reputation as being the best swordsmen anywhere in the country and abroad and have performed in front of Royalty and heads of industry, all of who were amazed by our speed and skill with whatever swords we lay our hands on.

From the Three Musketeers to The Scarlet Pimpernel, Hamlet to Rob Roy, we come complete with all the weapons and costumes needed to set the scene. So for a duel between gentlemen, a set-to with rival officers or even some piracy on the Spanish Main, for the fastest flashing blades around look no further than SAS.



Stunt Action Specialists - SAS - Dualists



Stunt Action Specialists - SAS - The Untouchables

The Untouchables

If you need action and atmosphere at your Prohibition theme event then look no further as SAS have been entertaining guests for years, bringing countless parties to life with our period nightclub bouncers, reporters, mobsters, cops and Feds, all packing appropriate firepower and raring to go.

SAS provide you with everything you need to keep your guests entertained throughout the event culminating in a exciting and fast moving raid as the F.B.I. and N.Y.P.D. move in to arrest the gangsters and bust up Mr. Capone’s operation. Whatever the occasion you can rely on SAS for the best live action shows

Special Forces

The worlds most recognisable Special Forces are brought to life in a vivid and exciting display from SAS, the UK’s premier live action stunt performers

Using armed and unarmed combat, abseiling, armoured vehicles, helicopters and even scuba skills and movie special effects we will deliver a hard hitting and highly visual display as we crash through windows and ceilings or hurtle from the tops of buildings guns blazing.

Whether you are launching a new car or computer game, hosting an incentive day, opening new premises or need something extra special for your conference or theme event SAS are the perfect choice for your action needs. Our professional squad guarantees to make it a show to remember for you and your clients for a long time to come.



Stunt Action Specialists - SAS - Special Forces



Stunt Action Specialists - SAS - James Bond

James Bond

Need a little Bondage to spice things up? Prepare to be shaken and stirred as SAS take you on a roller-coaster ride of stunt action to make your event really stand out. We have been performing combat sequences and fast and furious fire-fights for over 10 years around the world and have a wealth of experience when in come to working for Her Majesty's Secret Service.

We’ll supply the evil villain and his kickboxing female pet to take your guests hostage and if your one of your clients wants to be 007 we will give him or her a course in how to act like the real thing and really impress their employees and colleagues. When it comes to making your Bond show even more spectacular we can truly say nobody does it better!

The Matrix

A world where what you see all around you is not real and where SAS take you on a cyber roller coaster of fast and furious action with the best live fight choreography and fire-fights possible.

From the initial scene where Trinity takes on the NYPD, the assault on the police Headquarters lobby to the the final showdown with the agents your guests will be immersed in a stylish interpretation of some of the classiest action sequences possible as our highly trained stunt team kick, punch and shoot their way through your event.


Stunt Action Specialists - SAS - The Matrix


SAS can supply a wide range of themed events, a selection of which is listed below.
If you require a theme which is not here, please ask - there isn't much they can't do!

Stunt Action Specialists - SAS - various themes


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