Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events around the country. Tim Foolery a brilliant all round entertainer available through Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency.


Tim Foolery is a highly skilled and experienced UK based circus and variety performer.
Tim has a wide range of skills including juggling, unicycling, physical comedy, magic, balloon modelling, acrobatics, clowning and stilt walking. He is a highly skilled juggler; his devilsticking is amongst the best in the world. Few others have mastered two devilsticks. His style is responsive and inventive, he performs his routines with a truly unique flair.

Tim has couple of unique street shows, perfect for any festival or similar event.
TIM'S FOOLISH SHOW Energetic and charismatic Tim dazzles his audiences with his quirky sense of humour and stupendous juggling performance. His show incorporates a high level of skill with physical comedy and audience interaction. At the pinnacle of his show, as one of the few jugglers in the world to have mastered two devilsticks, Tim performs two fire devilsticks on the top of a nine foot unicycle
UP, UP AND AWAY – A one man piece of circus theatre incorporating juggling and unicycling skills with a tale of daring and adventure.

For stage or cabaret work Tim offers the following performances:
FLAMENCO DEVILSTICK – This is his tightest routine. It combines a comic Latin character with a 'one of a kind' devilstick routine with which few people can compete.
TIM’S SWING THING – Skilful devilstick routine, performed to 1930’s swing music, as ever with a hint of physical comedy.
WHAT A RACKET – An outstanding balancing act with a squash racket.
ANYONE FOR TENNIS - Tim has created an interesting juggling routine with a tennis racket, hat and ball.
His shows can vary in length from two minutes to half an hour depending upon your requirements.

TIM also offers a wide range of walkabout characters including:
FRANK DAPPER - a well spoken, slightly cheeky chappie who juggles a wide range of objects (now a brilliant full length street show)
MOBILE 'PHONES - Tim’s Telephone box walkabout always gets a stunning reaction.
ELVIS - a stiltwalking version available as solo or duo.


Tim Foolery - circus performer extraordinaire. Tim manipulates a squask racket skillfully under his leg.


Tim Foolery - devilsticking maestro.

One of the few performers in the world to use two squash rackets.

Suave sophistication from Tim Foolery.


Tim Foolery, fire devil stick behing the back.

Tim Foolery Devil Sticking at it's best + Juggling, Unicycling, general Circus Skills


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