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The Plague Doctor


The Plague Doctor Medieval character

A plague doctor was a special medical physician who saw those who had the plague. They were specifically hired by towns that had many plague victims in times of plague epidemics. Since the city was paying their salary they treated everyone, the rich and the poor. They were not normally professionally trained experienced physicians or surgeons, and often were second-rate doctors not able to otherwise run a successful medical business or young physicians trying to establish themselves.

There is now a Plague Doctor available to hire for your medieval event.  This is normally run as a two man show, the doctor and the victim, having buboes (
swelling of the lymph nodes.) It is found in infections such as bubonic plague, is similar in appearance to a huge blister, and usually appears under the armpit, in the groin or on the neck.

This can be offered as roving displays with the two characters coming together from time to time for an impromptue display involving all the facts of of the plague, and then curing the victim, including the squeezing of the bubo.

Plague doctor examines bubo

Plague doctor and victim

Plague doctor faces plague victim

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, some doctors wore a beak-like mask which was filled with aromatic items.
The masks were designed to protect them from putrid air, which was seen as the cause of infection.
Being a plague doctor was unpleasant, dangerous and difficult.
Their chances of survival in times of a plague epidemic were slim.

As an alternative, the performance can take the  form of a static stage display involving the audience.

This again includes the lancing of the bubo and if required, the drawing of blood!!!

Stage production Plague Doctor and victimPlague Doctor treats plague victimPlague doctor approaches possible plague victim

Each character can be employed separately if required for meet'n'greet or small walkabout roles.
Both characters will be able to impart all of the known facts about the plague/black death from it's time line, the number of deaths, and both symptoms and cures.
They can also include modern day facts to make it more relevant to the present day.


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